Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Sunday, June 01, 2008 - Rest Day in Berkeley, CA

We went to the University of California Botanical Gardens today and saw tons of beautiful flowers, as well as a few interesting insects. I'll let the flowers speak for themselves except for a few explanations. Whenever I've included a plaque describing a plant, it will precede the plant itself. Enjoy!

The map of the garden areas

One of several large insects around the grounds

A close-up of the flowering part of the agave

A flowering monkey puzzle tree

and a close-up of the flowers

A hazy view of the Bay with the Golden Gate Bridge to the left

Kowhai from Chile

Quebracho, also from Chile

Two types of artichoke

We finally got a picture of a lizard (although he's a lot bigger than the others we've seen)

Another shot of our lizard



An amazing plant in the tropical section...

although we were glad it wasn't flowering because the flowers' smell is
how it got its name (corpse flower)

A cacao tree with one little pod

A creepy spider

The first time we've seen chaparral up close

Making acorn flour sounds like a lot of work

Gnarly California oak trees

Orange bush monkey flower

A manzanita tree with smooth red bark

Another manzanita tree

An agave plant with an asparagus-like stalk which will later flower

Other agaves with their stalks closer to flowering