Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Wednesday, May 07, 2008 - Rest Day in Quartzsite, AZ

Here we are in sunny, hot, windy Quartzsite, doing laundry, working out next week's route, and catching up on other mundane details. Next week should be pretty exciting - we enter California, our 15th state tomorrow, and we'll go across a valley that's below sea level, a desert with sand dunes, a mountain that's over 4000 feet high, and get to the Pacific Ocean! All in 5 days! We expect to reach San Diego on May 12th and do our ceremonial dipping of our bike's front wheel in the ocean there.

Tomorrow night we'll be in Palo Verde where cell phones and internet apparently don't work, so no posting for 5/8 until the next night. And if we're too exhausted from the mountain we'll have climbed on 5/9, it may not happen until the next night - we'll see. Meanwhile, you can see pictures from our exciting day of rest in Quartzsite.

Entrance to our motel/RV park in Quartzsite

Our 'motel room'

Another RV park in town...

has some interesting metal wire sculptures in the yard...

and by the nearby (dry) creek

A historical marker in town

Sari working on the route while waiting for the laundry

A view of the laundry machines (what an exciting day, huh?)