Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 - Rest Day in La Jolla, CA

It's a beautiful day here in La Jolla - the May Gray blew away early this morning and it's been bright and sunny ever since. We may stay here forever. It's just too beautiful and relaxing to leave. We went for a walk along the ocean this morning and saw a number of other people enjoying the weather, the ocean, and the beauty of this place in general. People were jogging, walking dogs, sitting on benches watching the waves, playing on the beach, and surfing. We watched one surfer come off the beach and walk into his home across the street! What a life! We've heard that work here follows the surf - when the surf's up, work stops and people hit the beach. We saw a group of guys doing landscape work (THAT is a thriving business here) take a break and walk across the street to watch the ocean. It is very seductive. Like I said, we may have to stay here forever.

The pelicans continue to amaze us. They look like small jets at times - they rarely flap their wings and soar in formation in groups of half a dozen or more. We also saw a hummingbird darting around flowering plants near the shore.

The jasmine hedge in front of Stu & Colleen's house - the smell was heavenly!

Flowers in front of their courtyard

We walked around the corner to go down to the beach

Rocks along the ocean edge

Jasmine was in a lot of yards

The houses and plants are phenomenal around here

A view of a coral tree...

and a close-up of its flowers

Other red flowers, I think it's called a bottle brush plant

The underside of a tall palm

A riot of color in another yard

Back at the beach, watching the waves

The little black specks are surfers waiting for the right wave

There are, of course, a few rules at the beach

A surfer rides a wave

A troop of pelicans riding low over the water

And others soar overhead

Flowers near the ocean were visited by a hummingbird

Same flowers in purple

Surfers in the water

One gets wiped out by a wave

Seagulls hang out on the rocks

Two surfers call it a morning

Women surf too

A big rock near shore gets sloshed with water...

sometimes dramatically

Wave watching

An impressive house right on the water

Another surfer at the end of a good ride

This one left and walked into his house across the street!

The palm trees are sooo tall and slender

The Mediterranean look is popular here

A group of gnarled trees

The mountains are not far away

Black flowers?

They look attractive clustered with some sedum and red flowers