Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Sunday, April 06, 2008
Galveston, TX to Pearland, TX
72 miles (1899 total miles)

This morning began refreshingly cool with high, puffy clouds. We packed up the tent and all our stuff and were treated to Belgian waffles, fruit, and other goodies by the cook at the RV park. By 8:15, we set off down the rest of Galveston Island towards the San Luis Pass. The island narrowed as we went and we had lots of views of the West Bay on one side and the Gulf Coast on the other. The houses along the road were grand shore houses and very interesting to look at. There were also some stretches of open land and a few pastures with cattle or horses. It was very pleasant riding along listening to the ocean surf with few cars to worry about. After about 10 miles, we came to the end of the island and went over the mile-and-a-half long San Luis bridge. The bridge was low over the water and we could see several people camping and fishing on the shores on both sides of the bridge. Approaching the bridge, there were large, fancy developments with beautiful landscaping - many flowering hedges and oleander bushes, ponds and fountains. It was very lush and luxurious looking.

We were in Brazoria County on the other side of the bridge and went another 13 miles on islands with coast beaches on one side and bay or marshes on the other. There were a few small communities but mostly we rode past surf and scruffy plants. Very scenic. We got to the end of the islands and reached another milestone - this was the southernmost point of our trip! From there, we took a right turn onto Route 332, going over a very high bridge over another Intracoastal Waterway. This road went on for about 20 miles and was mostly lined with industrial buildings and refineries. It was not at all scenic for the most part, although it did have a good shoulder and we had a mild tail wind. From here, we got onto Rt. 288, which we took for the next 40 miles, nearly all the rest of the way to our destination. By this time, the sky was completely cloudless and becoming very warm. We went through a few interesting areas, especially the town of Angleton, the county seat of Brazoria County, which had some interesting buildings, but we were not much in the mood for stopping to sight-see. 288 had a good shoulder most of the time, although one long stretch had an interesting variation on rumble strips - they had these white blobs that looked like giant chiclets spaced evenly across the shoulder that Pat had to try to steer us between. We were glad when that bit was over. The sun was quite scorching, even though the humidity was low so the temperature wasn't unpleasant, but our sunblock didn't seem to be a match for the Texas sun.

It was a long day - 72 miles in 6 hours of bike time - and we arrived hot, sweaty and tired at Sarah's house by 4:45. We played with Amanda & Rand and talked with Sarah for a while, barely having the energy to update our website - but we couldn't let all our readers down! Tomorrow we have a much-needed rest day, which will be filled up with a long list of things we need to do.

Our tent by the main building at the Jamaica Beach RV Park

Oleander bushes in front of the RV Park

A boy on stilts at the RV Park

Elegant shore houses along the road out of Galveston

Still some fields with cattle along the road

A glimpse of the West Galveston Bay on one side of the road

And the Gulf Coast on the other

One of several geodesic dome-shaped buildings we saw around Galveston

Houses near the end of the island - San Luis Pass

Palm trees and grand houses near the point

Thick oleander bushes at the end of the island

The last public beach access point before the bridge

Delicate iris and a flowering hedge

A view of the bay as we start over the San Luis bridge

The San Luis bridge and the land on the other side

The coast side from the bridge

A fisherman out in the water on the Galveston side of the bridge

Fishing and camping out on the Galvesion Island point

Out over the water on the mile and a half bridge

Fishermen in the water on the far side of the bridge

Camping on the beach on the far side as well

Interesting junipers on the islands in Brazoria County

Still following the coast

Marshes on the bay side

The Rt. 322 bridge off the islands

A sailboat goes by on the Intracoastal Waterway under the bridge

A large boat parked along the waterway

A huge refinery on the other side of the bridge

Route 332 - smooth and flat but not very scenic

That's our plan

An interesting grove of trees along 332

Route 288 - 40 miles of hot, noisy road

Some of the nasty chiclets strewn across the shoulder

Blue-eyed Grass along Rt. 288