Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Monday, April 07, 2008 - Rest Day

We spent a great day with Sarah, Steve, and the kids today. Amanda went to school in the morning and we accompanied Sarah and Rand to his Little Gym class, a very amusing session in which two adults tried to lead a dozen 3-year-olds in various gymnastic routines. The kids were very cute but the 2 adults got more of a workout than they did. Sarah took Pat to a bike shop to get the bike tuned-up and we bought some spare socks and gloves. Amanda came home from her 2nd-grade class and we played together for a while until she had ballet/tap dance class. That was lots of fun to watch. She played with 2 of her best friends until dinner time, and then it was bed time for the kids and time for us to get ready to hit the road again tomorrow.

Tomorrow we head toward the Texas "hill country" (groan). Sarah tells us the wildflowers in the hills are spectacular, and that lots of people go up to see them in the spring, sort of like our New England fall tours, I guess. So we may have lots of traffic as well as hills, but at least the scenery will be beautiful!

A hibiscus flower from Sarah & Steve's yard

An iris from the yard

A row of presidential statues along Rt. 288

Rand tumbling in his Little Gym class

Herding the kids at the Little Gym

Pat takes the bike in for a check-up

Amanda warming up in her ballet class

Rand waits patiently while his sister is in class

Running through a ballet number

The second half of the class was tap dancing

A family shot with Pat & Sari, Steve, Sarah, Amanda & Rand