Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Saturday, March 29, 2008 - Rest Day

We spent the day in Prentiss, MS, mostly trying to sort out what the next week's routes would be - they had a lot more complications than the trip so far has had. It will actually be an 8-day week, with our next rest day at Pat's daughter's house in Houston. There are several longer-mileage days in the coming week, so we're counting on the flat terrain making that work out ok.

Prentiss is a pretty small town, and our motel was at one end of what appeared to be the main drag. I took a walk down the street to take the pictures below; from our motel, there were some houses, followed by a few stores, a lovely park, and then another strip of stores in what they call the historic section. Many of the stores seemed very nice, but many were empty, too. It did not look like a thriving business center, but today was Saturday, so it may not have been at its best.

We were lucky to have 3 pretty decent restaurants right around our motel, so we didn't have far to go for food. Tonight, we took the bike out to a fancier restaurant at the other end of town, The Country Fisherman. We actually took the bike down there for lunch today but found out it was only open for dinner on Saturdays. As you can guess from the name, it specialized in fish, not a favorite of either one of us. But, realizing we would have to deal with this issue more and more as we go through Louisiana (our next state), we thought we'd give it a try. We tried the fried catfish. Can't say it made converts of either one of us, but it wasn't bad, if you have nothing else to eat, I guess.

The skies were threatening all morning, when we were holed up working on our route. The rain waited, of course, until I went out to take pictures. I did bring my rain jacket with me so I didn't get completely soaked, and Pat came after me with the umbrella when he realized it was raining (he had stayed behind to work on the bike). So we got to use our umbrella for the first time, too. Talk about an exciting day! Tomorrow will be our last day in Mississippi, and even though they're still saying there's a chance of rain through Tuesday, we should be camping the next two nights. We're not going to be out in the woods, though, so there shouldn't be any trouble with our connection.

One of the lovely homes along the main strip

Similar houses, close together on the same road

A beautiful spray of wisteria

Large azalea bushes

A corner house with many lovely plantings

Downtown stores, with the inevitable pawn shop and Piggly Wiggly

A farmers' coop

A picturesque park in downtown Prentiss, where the Rail-to-Trail ends

More views of the park...

The end of the bike trail

Sign for the bike trail, called Longleaf Trace

A renovated train station at the trail end

A banner for the Rail Trail

Banners for 'Historic Downtown Prentiss'

Along one side of the strip of downtown stores...

The grand-looking Court House

Two historic houses on the far side of the Court House

The other side of the street in the historic section...