Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Sunday, March 30, 2008
Prentiss, MS to Magnolia, MS
61 miles (1416 total miles)

Today's ride went quickly and smoothly - yes, the roads are getting flatter! We left at 7:15 this morning and arrived at the campsite at 2:30, going a total of 60 miles (plus another mile touring the town). We started out on the divided highway we were on most of Friday, going into Prentiss, MS, but left it after about 15 miles, turning onto smaller roads, Rt. 27 and then Rt. 44, where we were for most of the rest of the day. Today being Sunday, there was much less traffic, no logging trucks and few other trucks. Although we missed the pine smells from the logging trucks, they were more than made up for by the smells from all the azaleas and wisteria we passed today. It seemed that every house along the route had several large azalea bushes and most had wisteria, too. Wisteria was also growing wild in several trees along the route. The other advantage of not having trucks was that we could hear the birds much better, also.

Today was fairly uneventful. We passed by or through a few small towns along the way, but saw almost no places to stop at any of them. We stopped a couple of times to have some trail mix, and I was beginning to lose all hope of getting any kind of meal today, when finally, 40 miles after we left Prentiss, we came upon a Country Kitchen out of nowhere. This was the kind of place where, for about $7, they fill up your plate with all kinds of delicious home-cooked food, including the best peach cobbler I've ever eaten. It was just about noon and the place was filling up with folks who had clearly just been to church, all dressed up in their Sunday best. We clearly didn't blend in well, but the folks were all friendly and asked us about our trip, wishing us well on our travels.

After that, it was a quick 20 miles to our final destination of Magnolia, MS. We toured around the town, found a Subway where we ate dinner, and scoped out some possible breakfast places for tomorrow. We only saw one other camper at the site, but he was very friendly. We updated the website, took showers, and will soon be off to bed.

Hwy. 84, picking up where we left off Friday

Crossing the Pearl River

A large swamp right next to the river

Rt. 44, the smaller road we picked up later

Houses along this road were rife with azalea and wisteria

A placid flock of goats...

until one of them got nervous of us and they all left at once

More bird-house gourds

More rampant flowers

A cattle ranch, one of few today

A one-mile road we took as a short-cut

Wisteria blooms in close-up

An interesting pine tree

A fierce-looking thistle - we saw lots of these along the roads in MS

A house coming into Magnolia, MS

Magnolia water tower

Our welcome to Magnolia

And a cute display next to the welcome sign

An antiques store

Impressive law offices

Historic marker in front of the court house

The Pike County Court House

Some shops in the historic section

The historic train station with active train line

A lovely bed and breakfast in town - we could have stayed here...

But no, we picked someplace much quainter

A fellow camper checks out our bike (he's in an RV)

The pavilion where we updated our website

Our tent is up

The entrance to the camp site with our tent to the right