Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
San Jose, CA to Berkeley, CA
49 miles (4320 total miles)

Today was a different sort of day than we've had in a while (since the Los Angeles area) - we went through cities all day long. We started in San Jose with a nice, cool, somewhat cloudy outlook and meandered over to Mission Boulevard where we were most of the day. San Jose was pretty nondescript where we spent the night and continured that way for a while, but the downtown was quite picturesque. There was a light rail system that went down the middle of the street with beautiful landscaping along it, very modern and clean looking. There were also some impressive buildings, including the San Jose Museum of Art with a very colorful statue in front of it.

Outside of San Jose, we passed through several other towns - Milpitas, Fremont, Niles, Union City, Hayward, San Leandro, Alameda, and Oakland - before arriving at Berkeley. Most of the towns were very built up and had some lovely parts - mostly downtown - and some not so lovely ones. Between Fremont and Union City, we came to the Mission San Jose, the site of the 14th mission of the original 21 set up by the Spaniards. The original mission had been destroyed in an earthquake and rebuilt later.

We arrived at Shane & Sky's home in Berkeley at 3:45, having biked 48.7 miles in almost 5-1/2 hours of bike time. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner topped off by ice cream at one of their favorite ice cream parlors nearby. We expect to stay here a week, exploring Berkeley and San Francisco with Shane and Becca, Pat's other niece who lives in San Francisco. We're looking forward to a good rest, at the almost half-way point of our trip, and an interesting visit in an exciting area of California, as well.

San Jose, near the south end where we spent the night

The San Jose Museum of Art - an old part...

and a more modern part, with a colorful statue in front

Another interesting building in downtown San Jose

A mural - note the light rail tracks in front

A light rail train comes down the street

The trains all seemed to have 2 cars like this one

A large new subdevelopment on the north end of town

We saw (or heard) several planes coming in and out of the San Jose Airport

Entering Milpitas, we see a bit of the surrounding hills again

Another light rail train going overhead

Nice plantings and decorative street lights in the median strip

Large new housing developments in Milpitas

Going over a major railway and a creek

At the south edge of Fremont, another good view of the hills

Beautiful landscaping along the road

And large housing developments across the road from the hills

We come to the historic Mission San Jose area

This is the site of the Ohlone College as well

The entrance to the mission shop

The mission, with one of the old El Camino Real bells

A plaque describing the history of the mission

Ruined old walls of the mission

Beautiful plants in front of the mission

Palm trees line the road north of the mission

The Alameda Creek, near Niles

The Vallejo Mills Park outside of Niles

We saw some unusual cloud patterns later in the day

Pretty street lighting in San Leandro

An old stone bridge

Shops along the downtown area

One of several street flags

An interesting tower around Alameda

Characteristic shops in Alameda

A church and houses

An elaborate Indian restaurant

And a Mexican restaurant

Lake Merritt in Oakland

A fountain in Lake Merritt

Interesting buildings in Berkeley...

Noah's Art...

and the Crepevine Restaurant