Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Thursday, May 29, 2008 - Rest Day in Berkeley, CA

It was a sunny day in Berkeley, CA and we took to the laid-back California style like we were born to it. We did get some things done - took our bike to a shop to get new chains put on, check the brakes, all that good stuff. We also picked up some postcards and stamps, caught up on bookkeeping, and worked a little on the upcoming routes. Sari tried out Shane's favorite coffee shop (twice, just to be sure) and liked it. And we went out to eat at a noodle restaurant nearby. It is definitely a treat having everything you need within easy walking distance - that's the way life should be. Tomorrow we may venture a little farther afield. But maybe not.

Shane (and Sari's) favorite coffee shop, just a block away

A row of shops on the block - produce, pharmacy, bakery, ice cream, and cards

The traffic down their street does get busy, but it's slow

A side street with a hill behind it

Shane and Pat head into Shane's house

Sky and Shane expertly eating at the noodle restaurant

Sky works on a noodle

Shane polishes off a mouthful