Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Friday, May 30, 2008 - Rest Day in Berkeley, CA

We were a little more active on our second rest day. We took a walk down Alcatraz Street, so named because you can faintly see Alcatraz Island if you look straight down the street. There were several interesting buildings along the way and a little park at the interesection of Alcatraz and Adeline. Pat discovered a water fountain that looked like a statue. We didn't make it all the way to the bay - turned out to be a little farther than we thought - but we had a nice walk. When Shane came home from school (she teaches high school), she drove us up a very steep hill just behind their house to see the view of Berkeley from high up. She was disappointed because it was foggier than she thought it would be, but we thought it looked great just the same. Then we went to visit her sister, Becca, who also lives in Berkeley and was busy getting her new apartment ready to move into. Their dad, Milt, was also there helping out. Becca's new apartment is right next to the one she currently lives in, but was a good bit bigger and has a nice sun room. Shane stayed to help paint, while Pat & I went to get some dinner and walked back to Shane's place to put up today's web page.

Tomorrow being Saturday, we'll being going out with Shane and Sky to do a little more sight-seeing, so we should have even more great pictures of the area tomorrow. Stay tuned!

We've also put up a picture of Marieke and Jim who took us out to dinner in Alpine and hooked us up with Hank & Carolyn, the tandem couple who led us to the beach in San Diego for our wheel-dipping in the Pacific. Since we didn't think to get a picture of Marieke and Jim when we went out to dinner, we asked them to send us one and we're finally getting around to putting it up.

Some interesting shops down Alcatraz Street

Alcatraz Shade Shop in an amazing building

A very dim view of Alcatraz Island at the end of the street

Strange geometric shapes on the porches of these houses

More houses along the street

A park and subway entrance at Adeline

Another great building at the Adeline intersection

Historical marker at the intersection

Pat demonstrates the water fountain

Fancily decorated barriers in a street

Alcatraz is tree-lined on this stretch

An elaborate house and garden

Many houses had wood shingles

This fancy building was labelled Affordable Housing Associates

Another fancy old building

This great mural was in front of an elementary school

On Grizzly Peak, a foggy view of the Bay

A fire trail runs along the top of the peaks

Trails and road on top of another peak

A view of the road we drove up

PIne trees at the top

Fog rolling by the mountain tops

Becca hard at work on her apartment

Still smiling after her long days of work

The big windows in the sun room

Tools gathered in front of the bedroom/closet

Pat chats with Milt, Becca & Shane's father...

and Shane

The building Becca's apartment is in

We were surprised to see this rare limited edition car on the west coast
since they were originally only found on the east coast

Walking down Shattuck Street from Becca's

Little restaurants in downtown Berkeley...

and a large Indian restaurant

Clearly Berkeley is a bike-friendly town

A major subway entrance

A beautiful Art Deco building

Marieke and Jim on their recent trip to Bhutan